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where should i go?
alone in the dead of night
Nihao Kitty
Not your Oppar, just a girl that answers to Jay.
AHHH! Congrats Jay! ^.^ I love the album too~ Lucky!- don’t you have them all? :o At least this and Hajima, right? ouo

I have all their albums, even the re-packed “No mercy” >v< (working on BigBang..this could take much time)
So far I’m only missing their “Take 2” but that’s not really an album.

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bye february you piece of shit


i wish i was a sim so i could get fit after one cardio work out 

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there are atheists complaining that the next nominees for pope arent atheist


????? ????

this has GOT to be just for the notes…good job weeaboo-chan, you got what you wanted. Now there anyone/everyone freaking out.

Thats like people getting angry because the Dalai Lama can’t become president of the US. =_____=’